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Join our big market in Loren Market map!

If you buy or sell items, visit our big market in Loren Market map! To sell items in offline mode, first open your personal store and then use /offtrade command.

Register for the castle siege event!

Join the ultimate battle between Escape MU's strongest guilds! Talk to NPC Guardsman in Valley of Loren to register for the event.


At Escape MU combo skill is available for all character classes, not only for Dark Knight.


New PvP event! The key mission is for the Guild Master or Assistant Guild Master to keep the left side throne in Devias 3 occupied as long as possible and do not let other guilds take over it. Register every day at 18:20 with the following command: /regicewind
TOP Rankings
CountryClassCharacterResetsGrand ResetsLocation
1Magic KnightAlexC36347Lorencia
2Magic Knightditconmmay20715Lorencia
3Magic KnightMergolu9315Nixie Lake
4Magic KnightBigLaw1167Deep Dungeon 2
5Magic KnightMagicSaraP396Lorencia
6Magic KnightGokturkkMg196Deep Dungeon 2
7Magic KnightJapan156Lorencia
8Magic KnightZumba2,0535Lorencia
9Magic KnightFanta385Devias
10Magic KnightBanhKha375Noria
11Magic KnightooHecQuyno35Nixie Lake
12Magic KnightTheMan05Lorencia
13Magic KnightGalaxyMG4604Deep Dungeon 2
14Magic KnightLogosDeus833Loren Market
15Magic KnightMgBoss823Noria
16Magic KnightMorgoth363Nixie Lake
17Magic KnightxDJanz2712Lorencia
18Magic KnightShura1812Nixie Lake
19Magic KnightShalltear802Lorencia
20Magic KnightXxHISOKAxX622Deep Dungeon 5
21Magic KnightVIENUOLIS102Lorencia
22Duel Masterasdsad12Loren Market
23Magic KnightVuMG2,0871Deep Dungeon 2
24Magic KnightJASPER601Lorencia
25Magic KnightGuchio551Lorencia
26Magic KnightAlitron521Lorencia
27Magic KnightDraGonBaby481Scorched Canyon
28Magic KnightGenji461Raklion
29Magic KnightHercules371Elbeland
30Magic KnightSungJinW00321Loren Market
31Magic KnightPatriciaMG271Scorched Canyon
32Duel Masterarch151Lorencia
33Magic KnightChewBone131Devias
34Magic KnightKingYuri131Lorencia
35Duel Masterluth111Lorencia
36Magic KnightScouter71Noria
37Magic KnightRionMG61Atlans Abyss 3
38Magic KnightChikuwa61Noria
39Magic KnightXplo21Lorencia
40Magic KnightFor1sT01Lorencia
41Magic Knightsoleft01Elbeland
42Magic KnightScarFace01Lorencia
43Magic KnightCEREBUS01Elbeland
44Magic KnightVinSmart1,0690Deep Dungeon 3
45Magic KnightNrultimate1870Aida
46Magic KnightJustMG1540Deep Dungeon 1
47Magic KnightThaLia1340Icarus
48Magic KnightlePandaMG1030Lorencia
49Magic KnightAligator1020Lorencia
50Magic KnightMIROIRS1010Elbeland
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