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Join our big market in Loren Market map!

If you buy or sell items, visit our big market in Loren Market map! To sell items in offline mode, first open your personal store and then use /offtrade command.

Register for the castle siege event!

Join the ultimate battle between Escape MU's strongest guilds! Talk to NPC Guardsman in Valley of Loren to register for the event.
TOP Rankings
1Dark Wizarddarkino21154Loren Market
2Dark Wizardrada9154Loren Market
3Dark Wizardkeven36154Loren Market
4Dark Wizardbombo9154Loren Market
5Dark Wizardfhill14154Loren Market
6Dark Wizardpaolo31154Loren Market
7Dark Wizardblizken6154Loren Market
8Dark Wizardkinoss34154Loren Market
9Dark Wizardpopi39154Loren Market
10Dark Wizardlolox34154Loren Market
11Dark Wizardcoteks29154Loren Market
12Dark WizardsmONU7154Loren Market
13Dark Wizardpuro47154Loren Market
14Dark Wizardlolo12154Loren Market
15Dark Wizardkiba42154Loren Market
16Dark Wizardblack35154Loren Market
17Dark Wizardpololo17154Loren Market
18Dark Wizardsevent20154Loren Market
19Dark Wizardchano45154Loren Market
20Dark Wizardpope50154Loren Market
21Dark Wizardfrizz10154Loren Market
22Dark Wizardprost27154Loren Market
23Dark Wizardpolack32154Loren Market
24Dark Wizardaplost30154Loren Market
25Dark Wizardbalgas5154Loren Market
26Dimension SummonerBELU154Deep Dungeon
27Dark Wizardpepi4154Loren Market
28Dark Wizardkinox28154Loren Market
29Dark Wizardkiwi18154Loren Market
30Dark Wizardpablo8154Loren Market
31Dark Wizardlalox8154Loren Market
32Dark Wizardpollix22154Loren Market
33Dark Wizardklot37154Loren Market
34Dark Wizardpullix43154Loren Market
35Dark Wizardpuana15154Loren Market
36Dark Wizardtale25154Loren Market
37Dark Wizardpunix19154Loren Market
38Dark Wizardarkano4154Loren Market
39Dark Wizardkanox4154Loren Market
40Dark Wizardamadeus11154Loren Market
41Dark Wizardbulloxs23154Loren Market
42Dark Wizardchruss38154Loren Market
43Dark Wizardonixx16154Loren Market
44Dark Wizardcrillox33154Loren Market
45Dark Wizardtatin26154Loren Market
46Dark WizardanySM6154Loren Market
47Dark Wizardkuba41154Loren Market
48Dark Wizardwillyl3154Loren Market
49Dark Wizardpolopus152Loren Market
50Soul WizardFerstarboy151Lorencia
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