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Join our big market in Loren Market map!

If you buy or sell items, visit our big market in Loren Market map! To sell items in offline mode, first open your personal store and then use /offtrade command.

Register for the castle siege event!

Join the ultimate battle between Escape MU's strongest guilds! Talk to NPC Guardsman in Valley of Loren to register for the event.


At Escape MU combo skill is available for all character classes, not only for Dark Knight.


New PvP event! The key mission is for the Guild Master to keep the left side throne in Devias 3 occupied as long as possible and do not let other guilds take over it. Register every day at 18:20 with the following command: /regicewind
Top Rankings
CountryClassCharacterResetsGrand ResetsLocation
1Shining LancerBeTiTi6413Lorencia
2Shining LancerJaiR010Kanturu Undergrounds
3Shining LancerSEA04668Deep Dungeon 5
4Shining LancerBogdGL177Ferea
5Mirage LancerGrowLancer1006Kanturu 2
6Shining LancerGoldFish106Lorencia
7Shining LancerAdira925Kanturu Undergrounds
8Shining LancerYahoo155Scorched Canyon
9Shining LancerLancerRach384Kanturu Undergrounds
10Shining LancerCAPRICORN114Deep Dungeon 4
11Shining LancerLanCerR703Elbeland
12Grow LancerChoTanCong931Icarus
13Shining LancerTamari791Blood Castle 4
14Shining LancerDiepSuPhu751Swamp of Darkness
15Shining LancerLancerWolf701Deep Dungeon 4
16Shining LancerTrueTrue391Noria
17Shining LancerLanceBette321Red Smoke Icarus
18Shining LancerGEORGIA201Noria
19Shining LancerGLsPeLL94151Loren Market
20Shining LancerYumi71Noria
21Shining LancerMary11Swamp of Darkness
22Shining LancerGLLovely01Noria
23Shining LancerGliaL1000Noria
24Mirage LancerSpearS800Ferea
25Shining LancerFIERCE540Deep Dungeon 1
Last update on 14 Apr, 2024 - 05:08 PM