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Grand opening - 09.05.2020 (Saturday)

High experience server for fast and easy levelling! Join the grand opening event! 09 May 2020 (Saturday) at 16:00 (GMT+3 / server time).

Full Season 15 Server

New characters, new maps, new events, new quests, new wings, new skills, new commands and many more!
TOP Rankings


This is a monthly ranking of the most active players in Devil Square event.
At the end of each month, top 5 players will receive bonus WCoins as follows:
- 1st place: 5000 WCoins
- 2nd place: 4000 WCoins
- 3rd place: 3000 WCoins
- 4th place: 2000 WCoins
- 5th place: 1000 WCoins.

1Magic KnightMayCay4006,180,705
2Empire LordSuperKick4006,034,102
3Soul WizardChapeleiro4005,361,038
4Soul Wizardnhukai4005,075,563
5Magic KnightBurbon4002,942,441
7Empire LordLordBrave4001,747,416
8Dimension SummonerQuytQuyt4001,536,342
9Soul WizardMENDOZA1014001,518,475
10Blade MasterZverBM34896,044
11Shining LancerRRR11891,435
13Soul WizardAlesteir400286,646
14Grow LancerWildSonia186,107
15Magic GladiatorEunha161,785