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Join our big market in Loren Market map!

If you buy or sell items, visit our big market in Loren Market map! To sell items in offline mode, first open your personal store and then use /offtrade command.

Register for the castle siege event!

Join the ultimate battle between Escape MU's strongest guilds! Talk to NPC Guardsman in Valley of Loren to register for the event.


At Escape MU combo skill is available for all character classes, not only for Dark Knight.


New PvP event! The key mission is for the Guild Master or Assistant Guild Master to keep the left side throne in Devias 3 occupied as long as possible and do not let other guilds take over it. Register every day at 18:20 with the following command: /regicewind

Personal Store

Personal Stores allows us to conduct possible trade transactions easily. It allows players to vend and have their items seen by other players in order to attract possible buyers. The Personal Store can be activated upon reaching level 6 and will stay open even if you are moving around the map.

To activate the personal store you have to open first your inventory (Press V / I) then press the "S" key on your keyboard or by opening your inventory and clicking the open treasure chest icon on the lower right of your inventory screen. Once open, you can drag and drop items from your inventory into the personal store. Upon doing this the game will ask you for the price at which you would like to sell the item you placed into the personal store window. You can choose from the following price units: WCoins, Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul, Jewel of Chaos. Usually the players in Escape MU choose to sell their items for WCoins.

Usually, players use the store name to put how they would want to buy or sell an item. To change the name of the personal store you can click the window on top of the store. You can enter a store name from 1 to 25 characters long.

You cannot trade another player if you have a store open. You need to close it first. To close your open Personal Store, just open your inventory by pressing "V / I" then Press "S" and click on the closed treasure chest. This will close your store.

Offline Trade / Off-Trade 

This is the brand new off-trade system, in here you can have your store open even if you're not logged into the game! You can access this feature by simply opening your personal store and place all your items for sale. Then simply type "/offtrade" and your client will immediately disconnect you. After disconnection, your character will still be in the market and will keep the personal store open for sale.

This feature is only applicable in Loren Market map.