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Grand opening - 09.05.2020 (Saturday)

High experience server for fast and easy levelling! Join the grand opening event! 09 May 2020 (Saturday) at 16:00 (GMT+3 / server time).

Full Season 15 Server

New characters, new maps, new events, new quests, new wings, new skills, new commands and many more!

How to buy credits via Western Union / MoneyGram?

1. Choose your package:

- Starter Package, 10000 CREDITS (9.99 USD)
- Bronze Package, 22000 CREDITS (19.99 USD)
- Silver Package, 35000 CREDITS (29.99 USD)
- Gold Package, 50000 CREDITS (39.99 USD)
- Platinum Package, 65000 CREDITS (49.99 USD)

2. Go to the nearest Western Union / MoneyGram branch you know in your city.

3. Make a payment to the following recipient:

First name: Galina
Middle name: Ivanova
Surname: Kitova
Country: Bulgaria

4. Once you have made the payment, contact us at this e-mail address: and share the following information:

- Sender full name:
- Sender country:
- MTCN number (for Western Union) or Reference Number (for MoneyGram):
- Amount sent:
- Your account at Esacpe MU:
- Attach a photo or scanned copy of your Western Union / MoneyGram receipt.

- Scanned receipt from Western Union or MoneyGram is required to be attached to the e-mail.
- Verification could take 12 - 24 hours depending on the time of your payment.